Astrology of The Day March 14 2018 — Gasping For Breath

Louise Edington
2 min readMar 14, 2018

Happy Pi Day

Photo Credit: MMcKein on Pixabay

A spot of color and air in the midst of the emotional depths of water.

The waning, airy, Aquarian Moon provides the ONLY air energy right now but starts the day with a square to newly retrograde Jupiter in the watery depths of Scorpio which dampens the energy somewhat. We are only two days from the New Moon in watery Pisces (read about that here) and we are, therefore in the dark of the Moon so this sliver of air feels as if we are gasping for breath or rising to the surface every now and then to catch a breath.

Things will begin to feel a little lighter after about 3pm MST ( for your local time) when the Moon leaves the square to Jupiter and makes connections to Uranus (rules Aquarius) in fiery Aries and Mars (Aries ruler) in fiery Sagittarius.

This mix of fire and air will bring a big splash of color in the dark and will be the best time for socializing and anything that requires some quick mental activity.

Make the most of it.

The Moon enters Pisces at 4.11am MST and then there will be NO PLANETS in air signs.

Then we will enter the watery womb and won’t truly emerge from the birth canal until the Sun enters Aries on March 20th

A time for retreat, for meditation, for escapism and for dreaming.

Words may not come easy after today because air is communication.

But it will be a time of deep inner emotional exploration that will be just too much for some.

Enjoy the small amount of air today because we have no air at all (apart from the South Node which isn’t an actual physical celestial body) until March 21!!

Louise Edington

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